Sunday, 23 October 2016


"We are a landscape
of all we have seen."

-Isamu Noguchi

Friday, 21 October 2016


My hardrive is bursting with pics from France
from the summer,
and I figured now would be the time
to start pouring some more of them
over here. 
Well into October now,
it's strange how quickly you forget
the sun on the skin,
melting that lavender ice cream you just bought
over your fingers... 

We visited Avignon quite a few times,
welcomed by the sight of 
that famous Pont Saint-Bénézet bridge
that abruptly comes to a halt in the middle of the Rhône
with only four of its arches remaining today. 

is a sight in itself...
It has grand proportions
but is simple & pared-down at the same time. 

After a day out,
it was always a treat
to return to our hideaway,
as the crickets were in the middle 
of their evening concert,
and the three dogs
ran up to eagerly meet us. 



Thursday, 13 October 2016


{ because some days simply require some Edith Piaf... }

I notice that now 
that I don't belong 
to a work community anymore,
everyday encounters
take on a whole new meaning. 
Like this week,
meeting with a friend
for coffee in the middle of the day,
striking a conversation
with a friendly shopkeeper,
stopping to help an old lady
from the lift and out of the building.
Whether deep and meaningful
or an accidental exchange of words,
those moments mean something,
sometimes more than the other person
might even guess. 
Especially those little old ladies
with their twinkling eyes
turn my heart into goo... :) 

I'm still in that honeymoon period
of having more time,
not just freed up 
by ditching my morning job
in the spring,
but having bigger children,
who have longer days at school
and require less escorting to hobbies
now that they are so able & willing
to do much more themselves.
I keep stopping & wondering,
almost as if on the brink of something new. 
Time to see & feel
in a whole new way. 
Seasons change
in more ways than one. 

Roses brought by my mother last week
are spilling all over the table now. 
Darkness descends earlier by the day.
Evenings take on comforting rituals of their own -
 books, cups of herbal tea
or a drop of red wine now and then,
& curling up with dear husband
to watch films & English series
in a quiet house.
The week will end
with the silver lining 
of a nice little photography gig
before taking time 
to spend with the kids
during their autumn break next week. 

Some autumnal inspiration
I've gathered over time right here. 

Wishing you as well as can be! 



Monday, 10 October 2016


There's now a chill in the air
that gets to the bones,
but it still feels like
autumn has one wrapped up
in its tender arms. 
When silence lands,
it's all the easier
to get lost inside one's
head full of dreams.
Even coffee seems to
have gained 
an extra layer of smoothness... 
Enjoying the technicolor spectacle
out there,
in quiet expectation 
of the monochrome magic
that is just a few pages away 
- my mental landscape. 
Wishing you a beautiful week,
thanking you 
for these moments with me.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016


In celebration of World Ballet Day yesterday,
a day late :) 

(pic from Repetto store window in Avignon)


Monday, 3 October 2016


Thank you dear October
for these days
of glorious hues,
splintered by your 
mysterious shadows
and light 
of gold, silver and blue.


Thursday, 29 September 2016


These past few weeks
have been work, work, work
- both the writing & the photography kind,
a combination that seems to sit ever so well with me,
and right now I wouldn't have it any other way. 
But today I managed to wrap up 
all the editing for a bigger client,
and r e s t is sinking in
before the next batch of pictures is due. 
 I immediately had the urge to pop over here
& say hello...

So, hello my dear friend,
sorry it's been a while. 

You know that photography bit
- aka love & passion -
well I've gone through all sorts of motions,
as it's recently also turned into a "job",
where not every assignment at the moment
is something that allows me
to shoot like "me". 
And that's given me plenty of material
for soul-searching
& out-of-one's-depth kinda feelings.

But I came to the conclusion
that right now,
I am ever so grateful for each opportunity,
and every single thing I've put my hand to
has made me learn
and led on to something new.
That's something that motivates me,
together with a deep-rooted insistence
to make sure that in between the "not-so-me"
there is also room for "my love" -
whether that's about randomly picking up the camera
 to catch the light or an inconspicuous cup of coffee,
or shoots that make the heart skip a beat
& imagination soar at least as high as that chalky ceiling
of this wonder of a location a couple of weeks ago. 
(I really want to show you more later,
I shall!) 

So reassuring how after a bout of disillusionment,
suddenly all that love and excitement
comes rushing right back,
and pulsates steadily through the veins,
as if back to the state nature intended.
Amid all the "serious work"
it lures towards the seemingly senseless & idiosyncratic.
A deep desire
to keep clicking that shutter
until that weird & wonderful language flows
towards a voice of one's very own. 
More of the heart,
the unfinished, 
the imperfect,
the raw... 
Whatever it is 
that stirs the soul.

And with that little ramble
I bid you goodnight :) 


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