Sunday, 4 December 2016


The weeks might be busy,
the weather cold,
but the weekends extra cosy
this time of year.

Friday, 2 December 2016


I so adore these campaign images
for Cabbages & Roses from a year ago.

More here. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016


“Let yourself be silently drawn 
by the strange pull of what you really love. 
It will not lead you astray.” 

- Rumi

model: Ani Pinchuk
muah: Meghna Mukherjee  
taken at a workshop by Dasha Pears

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


some moods from my shoot for nougat
earlier this autumn. 
a day that stretched from morning
til the last rays of light
in an excited frenzy,
every limb tired in a happy  kind of way
at the end of the day. 
today, this set serves as a note to self
to light up some candles
& soak up these november greys.


Sunday, 20 November 2016


You have shed a thousand skins
to become the person you are today.
And if you ever feel overwhelmed
by the many people you once were,
your bones have grown,
but what makes them has never changed.

Nikita Gill

Image taken at a workshop
by Dasha Pears this weekend.
My head is sort of bursting by its seams
with a jumble of images, thoughts,
 and a dose of constructive criticism. 
Like I need to land a little
and stare into space for a while
like my ethereal model Minna here
with her luminous skin.
Wrapping up for the day yesterday,
window light landed softly on her skin
& in all its simplicity,
I think this became my favourite shot.

model: Minna Kosonen 
muah: Meghna Mukherjee 

Monday, 24 October 2016


We spent a weekend in Turku,
where despite the chilly late autumn weather,
it was quite easy to lose oneself
in the atmosphere.  
was my main aim,
but we also enjoyed the Aboa Vetus museum,
food halls, cafés 
(it's the little things that make a wanderer happy,
like how at Café Art
they gave each of us a hot chocolate
with a different floating pattern :)) 
and fish market
that sprawled on either side of the river.
Newlyweds dripping with joy
stepped out from the Cathedral.
The tiny Välikatu "in between" street
had clearly done a runner from Stockholm's Gamla Stan,
and somewhere along the riverbank 
I imagined myself in Amsterdam. 
As dusk descended,
the cafés and restaurants 
were bustling with people & chatter. 

Lokakuun viimasta huolimatta
oli Turusta helppo raaputtaa tunnelmaa. 
Päätärppinä minulla Helene Schjerfbeck taidemuseossa,
mutta viihdyttiin myös Aboa Vetuksessa,
kauppahallissa, kahviloissa
(ne on ne pienet ylimääräiset eleet,
jotka ilahduttavat vaeltajan mieltä,
kuten se, kun Café Artissa
sai jokainen meistä kaakaonsa eri kuviolla :)),
joen molemmin puolin levittäytyneillä silakkamarkkinoilla.
Tuomiokirkosta asteli iloa säteilevä pari.
Pikkuinen Välikatu
kuin karannut Tukholman Gamla stanista,
jossain kohtaa joenvartta kuvittelin 
häivähdyksen Amsterdamia.  
Pimenevässä syysillassa kuppilat
täynnä ihmisiä ja puheensorinaa. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016


"We are a landscape
of all we have seen."

-Isamu Noguchi

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